Our Vision


The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) aspires to generate artistic and cultural experiences that are accessible to people in all walks of life. We seek to encourage greater appreciation of the arts and to nurture a stronger sense of cultural values within the Hong Kong community. UMAG strives to use its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions to accomplish scholarly projects in accord with various departments and curricula from across the University.


UMAG’s mission is to educate Hong Kong University students and the general public, through art-historical research and teaching, by displaying and interpreting its permanent collection, and presenting noteworthy temporary exhibitions. UMAG is dedicated to educating our diverse local, regional and international audiences about the past and present of Chinese and other cultures, and to inspiring life-long learning through both formal and informal education. The Museum is committed to fulfilling its mission by:

  • providing access to its collections and services for the teaching, study and research of Chinese art and culture;
  • developing its existing collections, organizing programmes to meet the needs of the University and the community, and providing platform for international cultural exchange;
  • maintaining a high standard of exhibitions and educational activities;
  • training students in museum studies and offering internship and fellowship programs to young scholars;
  • stimulating public awareness and disseminating knowledge of traditional, modern and contemporary art to enrich the educational,
  • cultural and artistic communities regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • conducting and publishing research on collections and related materials and topics;
  • fostering relationships with artists, collectors, museum professionals and interested organizations to enhance its collections, exhibitions and educational activities;
  • achieving a position of leadership for the promotion of art education in Hong Kong.
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