Digital Exhibitions

COUPLET PAIR REBUS The Principle of Cause and Effect in Art Kings’ Inscriptions Contemporary Interpretations Red and Blue and White Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Ceramics from the Jinglexuan Collection Enduring Strength and Passion The Chinese and Western Art of Ting Yin Yung Pablo Picasso Paintings in Glass Potted and Painted The Production and Technical Development of Underglaze Blue Porcelain in China Alberto Reguera Homage to Aert van der Neer Blown and Tooled Western Asian Influences in Ancient Glass in China Past and Present Paintings by Brian Tilbrook Noda Tetsuya’s Diary of Contemporary Japanese Prints Eternal Transience Enlightened Wisdom Masterpieces of Buddhist Art Adrift in Time Photography by Chun Wai Cast and Chased The Influence of Ancient Chinese Bronze on Modern Silver High Gothic Christian Art and Iconography of the 13th–14th Century Glazed and Fired Celadon Ceramics from the UMAG Collection Extraordinary Encounters Malou Hung’s Bookplates ​Colours of Congo Patterns, Symbols and Narratives in 20th-Century Congolese Paintings Eileen Chang at the University of Hong Kong An Online Presentation of Images and Documents from the Archives The City of Flowers Dezső Bozóky’s Canton Photographs Two Years in East Asia Travelling in Hong Kong 1907–1909 Pictorial Silks Chinese Textiles from the University Museum and Art Gallery Clouds of Ink Pools of Colour Paintings by Hou Beiren Silk Poems Jen Bervin Objectifying China Ming and Qing Dynasty Ceramics and Their Stylistic Influences Abroad
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