[Workshop] The Mystery of the Camera Obscura - Photography Workshop

Date:  3 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022

Camera obscura (known as ‘dark chamber’) was used to create accurate renditions of people or landscapes using a lens and letting light pass through a small hole. While this ‘camera’ itself does not record the image, you will capture a series of nostalgic lo-fi photos using your mobile phone.

This activity complements the ‘Adrift in Time: Photography by Chun Wai’ exhibition. Participants will be introduced to the history and science of the camera obscura. Then, individuals will take photos outdoors (if the weather permits) and make their own optical device. Participants are encouraged to submit their work which will be posted on Museum’s social media platforms.

Note: Participants must bring their smartphones for the photography session. All other materials are included in the course fee.

The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese. For details, please refer to our Chinese website.

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