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Academic Research

Knothe 2015: Florian Knothe, ‘Chinese Bronze Crosses: A Jingjiao Phenomenon of the Middle Ages’, in Orientations, 46(5), 60-63.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'A Short History of Asian and European Eighteenth-Century Glass and its Non-Destructive Comparative Analysis', in A.M .Post:, 111, 82-85.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Re-born, Nurtured and Grown: HKU's Museum and Art gallery in Hong Kong's Cultural Landscape', in A.M .Post:, 112, 22-23.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Pablo Picasso's Ceramic Oeuvre', in A.M .Post:, 110, 14-15.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Chinese Huanghuali and Zitan Furniture and its influeence over European Designs', in A.M .Post:, 109, 10-11.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Refuse the Shadows of the Past: Austrian Art Made in China', in A.M .Post:, 108, 10-11.

Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Reflections on Color: Artist's Theory and Perception', in A.M .Post:, 106, 14-15.

  Knothe 2014: Florian Knothe, 'Treasures, Traditions and Transformations: UMAG at Sixty’, in Orientations, 45(2), 163-164.

  Research and Teaching Aids

Education worksheets for the following exhibition are available upon request, please fill out the request form here.

Objectifying China: Ming and Qing Dynasty Ceramics and Their Stylistic Influences Abroad

Ifugao Sculpture: Expressions in Philippine Cordillera Art

Picturing the Bauhaus: Erich Consemüller's Photography of the World's Most Famous Design School (English version only)

Art of the Iron Brush: Bamboo Carvings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties

From Paris to Venice: A photographic journey by Willy Ronis 

Living Kogei: Contemporary Japanese Craft from the Ise Collection

Along China’s Coast: Dezső Bozóky's Travel Photography 1908–1909 (English version only)

Mountain Taoist


From Two Arises Three: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney 

Exhibition Activity: Exquisite Corpse

Please click here to download the instruction.


Contemporary Blue-and-White: Turkish Ceramics by Mehmet Gürsoy and Nida Olçar 

Exhibition Activity: Colouring and Outlining 

Please click here to download the instruction. (Click below for free printable pages)

Design A Design B Design C Design D Design E Design F


Colouring HKU (Click below for free printable pages)  

Fung Ping Shan Building (Colouring Sheet 1) Fung Ping Shan Building (Colouring Sheet 2) East Gate Main Building  Hung Hing Ying Building  Eliot Hall 


Colouring the UMAG Collection (Click below for free printable pages)  

Saucer: floral sprays

Vase: dragon

Bowl: florals

Brush pot 

Garden seat

Bowl: dragon and figures

Plate: dragon

Dish: qilin Brush holder Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits Figures Painting of Plum Blossoms and other Florals Village Life

Flower, Bamboo and Fish



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