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The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) is a teaching museum. Museum staff instruct undergraduate students (courses FINE2056, FINE4005, MUSE2001 and MUSE2002) and supervise postgraduate students specialising in art, history and collecting. We contribute to courses taught by other HKU departments, including the Common Core Course, and programmes administered by the Hong Kong Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, HKU SPACE and the Architectural Conservation Programmes.

6 credits

This course aims to give students an introduction to the principles and practices of working in an art museum. It will be conducted by curatorial staff of the University Museum and Art Gallery. Students majoring in Fine Arts are given first preference, but other students fulfilling the prerequisite may apply. Students wishing to apply for admission to FINE4005 (Fine Arts internship (capstone)) are strongly urged to take this course first, ideally in their third year.

Assessment: 100% coursework.

Prerequisite: One 1000-level Fine Arts course.

6 credits

The internship programme gives a limited number of qualified students practical experience working in a professional setting. This enables them to apply academic skills learned in the classroom to concrete problems in the workplace and helps prepare them for museum or other arts-related careers. Selected interns will work with senior staff of the University Museum and Art Gallery or other art institutions in Hong Kong on a project or projects relating to professional museological or curatorial practice. Admission is selective, based on application and an interview. Students wishing to apply for the internship are strongly encouraged to first take FINE2056 (Museum studies workshop).

Assessment: 100% coursework.

Prerequisite: At least one Fine Arts course at the 3000 level and three other Fine Arts courses at the 1000 or 2000 level.

6 credits

This course offers an introduction to the foundational aspects of conservation and the preservation of material culture. The history and development of the field of conservation in relation to museums and galleries would be presented, beginning with issues related to preventive conservation and general collections care. Subsequent lectures would focus on individual specialisms, including book and paper; stone, metal and ceramic objects; and paintings. Students benefit equally from theoretical material and practical information provided by established curatorial and conservation professionals. As an integral part of the courses, students would visit conservation laboratories, museums and gallery spaces at HKU and across Hong Kong.

Assessment: 100% coursework

Prerequisite: At least one 1000-level Fine Arts or Global Creative Industries course

6 credits

This course teaches an introduction to organic and inorganic materials used in art making. Students will learn to combine scientific and humanist approaches to studying artefacts and artmaking processes. Individual lectures will focus on the material composition of works of art, including Chinese ink paintings on paper; metal, ceramic and glass objects; furniture; and lacquer. Students will learn about the history of artworks with an object-based and material-focused methodology. As an integral part of the course, students will handle and analyse objects closely and gain behind-the-scenes access to the conservation laboratory and museum at HKU.

Assessment: 100% coursework

Prerequisite: At least one 1000-level Fine Arts or Global Creative Industries course

Museum staff routinely lecture at HKU and other educational institutions in Hong Kong, and participate in local and international conferences, round-table discussions and workshops.

UMAG organises guided visits and workshops for members of the general public, families and schools, which aim to promote art appreciation and an engagement with theoretical and practical topics related to art and culture. The Museum also trains professional colleagues working in art preservation, administration, shipping and display. The Museum’s community outreach is supported by funds from HKU Museum Society, 12 Knowledge Exchange Grants to date, and was acknowledged by a Knowledge Exchange Award in 2014. If you wish to book a group visit or workshop, please contact the Museum's Manager of Public Engagement and Education at elenac@hku.hk or +852 2241 5512. 

Address: 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong View the location on Google Maps
Tel: (852) 2241 5500 Fax: (852) 2546 9659 Email: museum@hku.hk
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